Run Me Over

Can you picture standing on train tracks, watching a train approach? You are looking upon your imminent destruction. The wind picks up, and you can feel it rushing through your hair and tugging at the loose corners of your shirt. You take a deep breath. The train is closer now. You can feel the vibrations marching up your legs. You open your arms wide, expand your chest filling your lungs with air and holding it there; bracing for impact.


The air is knocked right out of your lungs in an instant. Your body caves forward a little, as if trying to absorb the blow. But there is none. The train does not slam into you; it goes through you. Car after car, you can feel the exhilarating energy of that charging locomotive tearing through you, setting your soul ablaze. It fills you up, it electrifies you, it overwhelms you, it intoxicates you, it carves out what was inside you and replaces it with this glorious white fire that….
That’s gone. The train has passed, and you are left standing there on the tracks, out of breath, dazed, the taste of white flames on your tongue, and now and forever desperate for another train.

This is how I feel every time I see your smile.

– Yakhne


I Wonder

I wonder
if your life after loving me
is any different
from the time
before you met me

I imagine
you being in bed
with old and new lovers
telling them stories
about women in your life
now adding one
about me

– Irul