Elteeli ennik 7a teje w natartik. Ba3dni natretik. Sarle shahrein natra. Addei lezim dal natra?

Addei lezim dal saffe hon, ma 3am addem w ma 3am berja3. Bas natra la tejhaze 7adertek w tousali?

B7ebbik. Eh. Bas addei mazbout 7ebbik aktar men ma b7eb 7ale? W addei lezim ana et3ab la e2na3 7ale ennik bet7ebeeni?

Ma ba3ref. Day3a shway. Akid bta3erfe hal shou3our la2an betdalle t2ouleeli ennik day3a. Bas wa2ta enti tdee3i, ana 7addik. Ana day3a, bas ma fi 7adan 7adde.

– Day3a


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