Elteeli ennik 7a teje w natartik. Ba3dni natretik. Sarle shahrein natra. Addei lezim dal natra?

Addei lezim dal saffe hon, ma 3am addem w ma 3am berja3. Bas natra la tejhaze 7adertek w tousali?

B7ebbik. Eh. Bas addei mazbout 7ebbik aktar men ma b7eb 7ale? W addei lezim ana et3ab la e2na3 7ale ennik bet7ebeeni?

Ma ba3ref. Day3a shway. Akid bta3erfe hal shou3our la2an betdalle t2ouleeli ennik day3a. Bas wa2ta enti tdee3i, ana 7addik. Ana day3a, bas ma fi 7adan 7adde.

– Day3a


Dare to Ask

You don’t know who I am. I get that.
You’ve been hurt so you’re cautious. I’ve been there. I understand.

When we talk, I can sense your interest behind your defenses. It’s not fading despite the part of you that wants it to. Soon enough you’ll come to the question that I have arrived at. That question is not who I am, but rather who I could be.

Who Could I be?

I could be your most secret desire. I could be the one who makes you coffee every morning. I could be the best orgasm you have ever had. I could be safe and warm and happy in your arms. I could be at your door with flowers. I could be writing you poetry. I could be the person who always takes your call. I could be who you can lean on. I could be your happily ever after. I could be your match made in heaven. I could be your home.

I could be… Who could I be?

Tell me, are you ready to ask yourself that? Or is the idea still too frightening? It starts with flashes, that thought, that question, only escaping the confines of your self-preservation for mere seconds. Then the seconds turn into minutes, into hours, into dreams, into a steady hum in the back of your mind. Who could I be?

I’m ready to find out. Are you?

– Yakhne