As for You my Darling…

Staring at me laying by your side
You want me but you hate it
I screamed at you begging
Just go to him and fake it.
You’re a coward who lives in fear
My soul is not for gamble
I’m proud to be called queer.
I guess that is the thing about selfish people
For them you are too much desire to not be felt
They will taste you and taste you again
But at the end of the journey.. they’ll go back crawling in the arms of a man.
Some nights I wear nothing but the thought of you
It kills me to know that I can’t be with you
But why would I want to?
So I tell myself
Don’t lose hope and definitely don’t settle
For you deserve the exact same love that you offer
I’m a dreamer, like a blue bird set free
I refuse to live in a cage
As for you my darling… oh for you I feel sorry

– Watermelon


You were the One

Two and half years almost and i still think about you everyday. Every fucking day you pop in my head, why? Why? Just wanna know The reason why i cant forget about you.

You were the one and always will be i guess. But I’m dating now, it’s been 4 months already. It’s my second try for dating but I can’t feel anything just a small crush that dies sooner than it starts. My current girlfriend is everything you weren’t; she lies, disrespects me, fucks me over and over but i cant seem to want to leave. I wondered why for many weeks and got to the conclusion that I’m considering her the punishment that i deserve for letting you go, for fucking us up. It’s stupid i know but it made sense. I deserve to be treated this way…or at least that’s what i think. I don’t want any of this, I want you back. I want that person who made me love myself and my entire life. I want that person that made me feel loved. I want that person that i spent 19 years of my life with. I will never have you back, i only get to live with the memories..

– Potato

I Have Love in my Heart for You

IDAHOT is stirring a lot of controversy. Some events were canceled. Some will still take place. With that in mind, rather than share a story, I wanted to share some thoughts. I will speak as myself, using “I”. But I strongly believe my thoughts and opinions expressed below could easily be re-written with “we”.

To everyone who has contributed to this blog with posts, comments, shares or even just reading… there is love in my heart for you.

To everyone who identifies as different from the “norm” that society has set for them; there is love in my heart for you.

You don’t have to be out or outspoken to be proud of yourself, or to recognize that you are brave and strong.

A friend recently expressed to me that she feels ashamed because she is in the closet, and too afraid to participate in LGBT+ events. I urge all of you who feel this way simply not to. It is a complex situation, and each of us experiences it differently and has the right to. A large part of the LGBT+ community is in the closet, and those of us who can are fighting to change the need for that closet in the first place. But the feeling you should draw from that is not one of shame or inferiority; it is one of support. You aren’t alone, and I (we) understand.

To those of us who are able to stand up and fight, I (we) am (are) so proud of you. I (We) know how hard it is. I (We) know how difficult it is to stare homophobia and transphobia in the face, and to be judged and belittled. I (We) know that sometimes it feels like nothing is ever going to change, and that the fight drains you. But things are changing, and you are making a difference; at least to each and every one of us.

And to those of you who identify as straight but recognize that sexuality and gender identity have nothing to do with the human identity and have no impact on whether a person is a full and beautiful person deserving of their dignity and respect; thank you. It seems strange to thank someone for what should be regular decent behavior. But until we reach a point where support of LGBT+ people’s rights is synonymous with the support of people’s rights, your voices matter and I (we) value them immensely.

Finally, I just want to share this post from Helem’s facebook page: