Women in this Place

This goes to all the

beautiful, clumsy, shy and hazy
bad ass, wild, insane and mazy
kind, smart, caring and lazy
sexy, curved, tasty and crazy

women I met in this place!

You made me

feel so much,
try so much,
come so much,
and change so much!

I’m gonna miss

you taking care of me
getting sick, because of your obsession with A/C

ending up in bed – with your dog
hiking clueless through the fog

making out for eight floors in the lift
picking you up for a bike ride after your shift

having a cigarette to share
and you damn curly hair!

If it was only for you, I could have stayed forever!

And then YOU

Meen inte?
Inte min wein?

meeting you last minute
treating me like you’ve been waiting for me all this time

dumping all the sanity and
jumping into this crazy thing

coping with so many uncertainties only
hoping for something, somehow, somewhere with you.

For you, I will definitely come back!