Shit it’s happening all over again.

I just came here to do my internship for few months and leave. but this girl man this girl I don’t even know if words can even describe her.

She looks so innocent and she behaves in the cutest way she’s like a child. and at the same time she acts so teasingly it drives the sanest person¬†insane.

She has a smile that just makes you feel like you are looking at angels I could just watch her smile all day long.

Maybe it’s her Mauritius charm maybe it’s her overall character but I’m hooked i like her too much.
Oupss I think i have a thing for Mauritius girls.

– Mauritius


Starfish and Sea cucumbers

I was curious about dating apps. I downloaded wapa and set up a profile. I wondered if it was at all possible to meet someone through this app. I looked at some profiles, most without pictures, understandable I suppose. And then you messaged me.

“Are you top or bottom?” – you asked. I dismissed the question.


“Are you hot or cold in bed?” – you asked. I laughed. I dismissed you. I am an ice cube I said.

“Are you active or passive?” – you asked. I grew concerned for you. I shared that for me, sex was a conversation and that I was neither of poles she kept referring to. Each encounter is different, each partner is different, each experience is different. And so much of it is about feeling and listening and adjusting and laughing and having fun discovering. The descriptions you were using fell flat on me. My experiences with sex have been much less rigid, and much more dynamic. I told you this and our conversation ended. I sincerely hope you experience lesbian sex in the way I have; a way that defies the binary and quite frankly is beautiful.

But just in case I am wrong and we do need such descriptions, why not create our own rather than adopt those used by others? Top/bottom, active/passive, hot/cold… the general idea is the same. Are you a doer or a receiver?

Please find below my suggestions for the lesbian alternative to top/bottom:

Sea Cucumber for top.

Starfish for bottom.

Usage suggestions for online profiles:

A versatile sea cucumber looking for a versatile starfish. Pure starfish please don’t message me.