It’s not the country you miss when you leave it’s the people. I always wanted to leave Lebanon; go to a better life. I busted my ass searching abroad until it worked and i left. I have been only here in Dubai a few days but I already want to come back.

I miss everything. here if you need the smallest item you have to walk at least 7 mins in the deadliest heat to get to a near by supermarket (that is if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where there is a Food store).
Other than the longing, i miss her smile, her smell,her hugs her teasing i miss her next to me. I miss us spending all day long together doing nothing. I miss her so much, so bad I don’t know how i will survive that long far away from her.

The first few days, the rush days, we were always talking. Here in dubai we don’t have whatsapp call, viber and those stuff so we communicate only by texting. Its hard so hard and when im at work i cant text she’s sleeping. When its her turn to go to work i will be sleeping and if we find an in between we will both be very tired.

I am suffocating i just want to go back home, home where you are, where i can drive to your place whenever i want, whenever i have a bad day and your smile will ease it.

– Anonymous