My Savior

Its funny how one person can change you so easily.

I mean let’s start from the most random things. I used to hate coconut now bounty is my favorite chocolate bar because she used to eat all day long it was such a sight. just seeing a bounty makes me smile reminding me of her.

I was going through a tough break up with someone that used to mean the world to me when i met her.
I changed my job, wanted everything to be new in my life because of what was going on with me, and it was the best decision i ever made. I used to come to my new job tired down, alive because i am just breathing. Then one day, she pulled to the side and she looked at me with full attention and care and just said one sentence:” i can see you hurting since day one, i know we are not friends but you can trust me, i can help, talk to me.”

Ever since that day i have this bright person in my life that suddenly became a big part of me. She became the person that can read me so easily that whenever she senses i am about to fall back to darkness comes and rescues me.

I don’t know what are we and I don’t care she’s all i need right now, she saved me.