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I’ve had enough of the quarrels and the cold shoulders.

Messages delivered and seen and read and ignored.

I’m tired of the disappointment; a constant.

Of guessing what’s wrong and often guessing wrong.

Bring back the shots and the laughs and the late night madness.

Bring back the sexual tension rising with every elevator floor.

Show me the girl who thinks my jokes are funny.

Who spends a whole day in bed with me and still wants more.

Let’s pause the drama for a day or two.

Remind ourselves of something we used to know.

Replace cold shoulders with warm embraces.

Quarrels with passionate discussions.

And let’s exchange disappointment for desire and go back to the good old days.

The days when I was me and you were you, and us was an unsure  but coveted destination.

Let me spend a day enjoying your company rather than proving I deserve it or working to earn it.

And if you don’t want to go back we can always go forward, and make something new.

– Darmha


Unbreakable Link

She has new scars now, scars that didn’t exist when i was around few months ago. Scars that resulted from burns I wasn’t around to heal or to prevent them from happening. She was talking about someone new in her life, a new crush, a new lover. Someone I never heard of before, never met to know if he suits her.

She’s changing, growing, becoming the mature woman she always wanted to be. And I couldn’t be any happier for her but It pains me that I am out of the picture, that we are now strangers with so much memories and past history. I picture us growing old together fighting the world together.
But I am here breathing, doing fine even though I miss you so much I have became numb to the pain. I became used to crying myself to sleep.

You were my support system the person I let out everything to. The love you held for a best friend, for a sister is a love greater than the love of any lover. Its a love based on respect loyalty sharing , its a link you create that will never break.