Grey Days

Some days I miss you so much everything turns grey. My entire day won’t pass, I start crying for no reason,start pacing around for no reason.In those days i just want to be left alone to grieve my loss, to just be deeply sad. And all i want is to pick my phone up and call you and hear your voice that i know will instantly calm down, make my day better. In the rest of my days I miss you like it has become a part of me.

I don’t know how to be me anymore without having you on my mind all the time. You are the one i want to talk to on my bad day,good day.

A part of me died the day you walked out of my life, a big part and even if one day i will recover, which i doubt, I will never be the same without you.




In a Pub, Drunk

in a pub drunk and all i can think of is you J. You’re my everything why did you leave me like this? what was mistake being to nice treating you like my sis?

well fuck you cz you are the one who lost someone valuable in their life. its you who will miss me . who will not find anyone nicer than me

i want to text but it will sound stupid desperate. so i came here drunk missing you i will love u and care about you till forever

– idk

Context: Lesbians CAN have FRIENDS

Just a Kiss

Do you ever get this feeling of kissing her whenever you want but never being able to? Well, that’s what I get every time I go out with my girlfriend. We’re sitting in the movie theater, watching romance comedy (cheesy I know, spare the judgments) and I just get this feeling of holding her hand, but I simply can’t.

I’m not doing this to hide who I am or because I feel ashamed but I’m just trying to save us some trouble. Not all rules are meant to be broken after all. Anyway, I hate this so bad, you’re walking down the street at night after a couple of drinks, all you want to do is grab her and kiss her but again, you simply can’t.

Man this feeling is immense, this urge to show the world my love to her.. but I simply can’t. Do I really have to go to the bathroom, which is thankfully not unisex, to steal a tiny kiss from her? Then of course pretend we’re having some boyfriend drama or wardrobe disaster after leaving the cubicle.

What if I’m sick of introducing her to my family as my “friend”, why can’t I just say it? She is someone I’m going out with, no need for a graphic imagination, just accept the fact that yes, I’m a girl in love with another girl. Same sex love, taboo, shit, more shit, and even more,,, but I don’t care.

I love her, and some day I’ll just hold her hand, hug her, and kiss her in one of the busiest streets of my town…

– Jasmin Puff