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Not Camping

She showed up at my place. I was still in my pajamas. I was a bit shocked; I mean she’s fun and all but not that spontaneous. She made me get dressed and asked me to put in a backpack five of the most essential things that I would need for five days. I was thrilled, she was taking me – I guess – on a camping trip.

I packed my jeans, a few T-shirts, some underwear, the book that I am reading – Petronille – Amelie Nothomb – and my cam.

A cab was waiting for us in front of my building. We got in, so I was thrilled to hear to where we are going. The driver said nothing; he just smiled at her and drove us to the destination. She handed me a sleeping mask and asked me to wear it. I smiled at her and agreed not to ruin her surprise that I already discovered.

She didn’t say a single word all the way to our destination; she just held my hand.

I was a bit surprised when she told me that we arrived. Considering where I live, the nearest place to camp would be nonetheless an hour far.

I got out of the car, still blinded by the eye cover. She took my hand to where she finally put her hands on my face for exactly two seconds and then took off the mask.

We were at the airport. I looked around confused then looked at her. She smiled. I smiled back not knowing what was going on. It never occurred to me, not even for a second that she would actually bring me here, out of nowhere, to actually travel.
She gave me my passport and a piece of paper that had all the countries where we could fly to as Lebanese citizens without a visa. I closed my eyes, put my finger on the paper extremely thrilled and excited to spend five days with her… Somewhere.

“ Two tickets to Malaysia please”.


lesbian lebanon osashob

Erotica Museum – Nothing Taboo Here

*Warning: This post contains images of a sexual nature*

Sex is such a taboo. We get used to it being that way.

I’ve been in Lebanon all my life. Last week I went on vacation. 5 days in Paris. One of those nights was spent on a street called pigalle, full of sex shops and sex clubs and home to the moulin rouge.

Going into a full fledged sex shop was exciting. There are so many toys and accessories that would work perfectly for lesbians (for everyone actually)! Apart from sex shops, I visited the erotica museum on that same street.

The erotica museum is 7 floors of sexual antiques, sculptures, illustrations and so on from all over the world. And while I was in there, I was overwhelmed by the diverse portrayals of sex, many of which were lesbian sex.

I suppose what impressed me the most was how perfectly normal two women together seemed while I was inside. There wasn’t a lesbian or gay section of the museum; everything was just one big blur, and that was awesome.

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took while I was there. They’re sexual in nature, but being able to look at them in a more or less public space and have it be normal was liberating to say the least. It’s time what people did with their genitals stopped being taboo…

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-Human Nature