lesbian lebanon osashob


Bou3a, w bobrom la teni mayle men el takhet, bas manna 7adde. Bnem wa7de bel takhet ele shahrein bas kel yom el sobe7 bas ou3a ba3dni bensa. ba3dni bi awwal la7azat el wa3i bet2ammal 7es bi dafeha.
B2oum, bettalla3 bel notifications 3al telephone, w ma be3teref 7atta la7ale eno 3am nabbesh 3a shi menna. Akid ma ra7 ykoun fi shi menna. Elna shahrein ma 3am ne7ki.
In fact ele shahrein ma shefta, ma sme3et khabar 3anna. Ntaha kel shi. Ma badda tkoun ma3i. No2ta. Ele shahrein ma shefta, bas bshoufa kel yom.
Bas odhar men el bineye, bshoufa 3am to2ta3 el tari2. Bobrom la ettalla3 btetla3 bent el jiran. Ana w meshye bshoufa bi taraf 3ayne we2fe 3a janab, bobrom byetla3 7adan gheir.
B2adde nhare bel sheghel, bensa, beltehe, ma bkoun 3am fakker fiya abadan. Awwal ma ed3as barra bol2at lam7et 7adan ata3 eddemi. Albi btesra3 da2eto, nafasi bi 3alle2 bi sodre. Bemshe asra3, la la7e2a w kel el wa2et 3a2le 3am ysarrekh “bala habal, mesh hiye”, bas min seme3? Bla77e2a, btetla3 mara ma khassa wla men areeb wla men b3id.
Ele shahrein mesh sheyfeta bas bdal shoufa. Seknetni. W akid hiye 7ayeta mkamle 3adi, w mabsouta, w 7a2a ma ykoun badda tkoun ma3i. Bas ya ret 3a2le bi battel yla3ebni hal le3be. Ya ret byo2ta3 nhar bala ma etkheyala li meshye eddemi.


lesbian lebanon osashob

Make Her Proud

I hear people say things like “I owe what I am to my significant other” and I think seriously? Where is your individuality, your personality? Would you really be no one if not for your partner? Okay, correction, I used to think that.

When I met her, I was impressed. The way she carried herself, her strength of conviction, her eloquence… We became fast friends, and then we fell for each other. But from day one she made me work for it. Not intentionally mind you!

If you ask her, she liked me for who I was. She found me interesting just as regular old me. But the need to impress her was very strong. I wanted her to think highly of me and I still do. I wanted her to believe that I was awesome all the time. And truth be told, that has been my greatest motivator.

That need to be someone she thought was intelligent and amazing led me to find the time to read those books I’d always wanted. It pushed me to take those courser courses I’d always put off. It gave me the courage to take risks and start projects resulting in accomplishments I am proud of. Wanting to prove my integrity to her I found the strength to put dreams I have into action, and pursue them. After all, if I didn’t, she’d think I was all talk and no substance.

I look back now at who I was 3 years ago when we first met, and who I am now. Honestly, I owe a lot of it to her. Not because she helped me, or supported or encouraged me with her love and warmth. But rather because I wanted to maintain the cool image she has of me. When I tell her this she laughs and says she’ll find me awesome no matter what, which is probably true. It doesn’t negate the fact that a lot of the things I have done that I am proud of today I initially did so that she would be proud of me.

I hope she always will be.

– Tala

lesbian lebanon osashob

Shacking Up

We moved in together.

Do you know that feeling when you’re lying down face-down on your bed, and she is lying beside you. You can feel her warmth radiate across the meagre tens of centimeters that separate you. Then you feel her fingers on the small of your back; soft, gentle. They trace snail-paced figure eights, over and over, never speeding up. As she caresses you, you are overwhelmed by the intensity of affection you are feeling from such a simple action. Your lips stretch out into a smile, and your eyes rest comfortably closed, and you just let yourself get lost in the sheer perfection that is that moment.

That is how I felt about every detail of our plan to move in together. From visiting apartments until we found just the right one, to planning the financial details of how we’d be able to afford this and that. She cared much more about how the place would look on the inside, I cared more about the kitchen setup and whether the wireless signal would be strong throughout!

On one occasion she got upset with me. We were standing in our unfurnished apartment, and she was EXCITED! What started out as a conversation about what we would like to put where, turned into a monologue of jumbled ideas about what she would like, and half-way through it I burst into laughter.

“We can get a sofa and put it there, but it can’t be too wide or it will make the entrance through the door feel smaller, and we can put another sofa across from it that is a little bit shorter because in the corner we can have a hammock and then that wall will be blue, while the other one can be yellow which will match the kitchen tiles, but I think we can make our own colors by going to the paint shop and mixing them ourselves which would look great especially if we have cushions on the floor that match the paint-job and then you can put those same cushions in the hammock when…”

I just stood there, looking at her as she talked, as she described in detail everything she imagined that would turn an unfurnished apartment into our home. Everything she was saying didn’t seem to come out of her mouth alone, it seemed to be bursting out of every cell in her body.

This person, this woman who I was so completely in love with, so absolutely consumed by, so unbelievably lucky to be with… This person was standing across from me almost literally vibrating with excitement at the  notion of making a home with me.

And I laughed; I laughed from the deepest regions of my soul, because I had never in my life been happier.